Cork paper Natural with gold


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Cork paper Natural with gold

Cork paper Natural with gold maintains unique texture of natural cork. You can use this thin sheets of paper for DIY, home crafts, stationery, packaging, labelling and as a wallpaper. You can glue it to other materials and surfaces as well as laser cut. Last but not least, check our brand CorkLane to see what cork fabric can be used for!

As wall covering cork paper is easy to apply using any common brand of wallpaper paste. Please follow the same care as with conventional wallpapers. Unique patterns and warm touch with its natural charm will match to even the most urban environments.

Cork paper joins the unique characteristics of the cork material with a very rigorous manufacturing process that allows achieving great levels of mechanical, sensorial and microbiological properties. We are producing all our cork papers together with PortugaliaCork in Portugal.

Origin: Portugal

Technical specification:
Weight: 210 + – 20 g/m2
Thickness: 0,045 + – 0,05 mm


  • eco-friendly
  • vegan approved by PETA
  • durable
  • soft and warm touch
  • harvesting of cork reduces green house effect

Learn more about cork here.

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Continuous pieces policy:

  • pieces 20×30 cm and 50×100 cm will be cut and not sent as continuous even if you order more than 1 of the same reference
  • pieces 100×100 cm will be sent as continuous if you order more than 1 of the same reference

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